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about fanny 


Fanny Karavassili-Sarantopoulos having worked for years in the field of journalism, covering the biggest social and fashion events both in Greece and around the world with a creative streak surpassing the norm, she has become, for many, a well-known fashion icon representing the best in ultra chic  aesthetic.


Having gained an M.A in interior design, she worked as a fashion stylist and a writer in Harpers Bazaar and Madame Figaro magazines for several years.


Fanny has observed with dedication the modern woman’s need to feel powerful and express the best version of themselves and has sought to satisfy this need in today’s precarious economic crisis which was a frontal collision with her.


She redefined her style with her artistic and architectural background being present every time she imprints an idea. Her passion for design on paper has embodied her a creative and optimistic lifestyle.


This resulted to the creation of an affordable collection of jewellery, FANNY S jewels. The collection aims at the heart of every woman who wants to express her own personality through the positive energy the semi-precious stones give.


FANNY S jewels +X award winiong in 2017 for hgh quality and design prize. has innovative designs and is characterized as special and unique. The bespoke designs are inspired by the creator’s infallible instinct, in consultation with the client's aura. The local showbiz personalities have been enraptured by the pieces of art she creates, while many international celebrities are impressed by them and ask to share the secret.


The creative expression and ultra-chic taste of FANNY S, in combination with her passion to design a beautiful eco-friendly lifestyle, lead her to the interiors which are the main axis of modern way of living. Despite all odds, fashion is an endless escape for the soul, a source of inspiration and a definite sign that life is going on and human beings have always needed to be surrounded by beauty.


Founder of FANNY S is a multi-faceted personality, hardworking, straight forward, decisive, faithful, travel-educated professional who has captured to imprint every change in the design trends with eco-friendly methods and designs and align with the company’s ethics and principles.

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