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Fanny's Concept




Inspired by every corner on earth and embellished by style, positive attitude and charisma, the lifestyle brand FANNY S has come to life to express creativity and explore the inside of each individual. Fashion is an endless escape for the mind, a source of inspiration and the ultimate sign that life goes on and humans are destined to be surrounded by beauty, in any form.


A beautiful and comfortable house is the most important “safe haven” for each person to feel calm and relaxed, confirming that each household is the body of our mind. As ancient Greeks have shown us, a woman’s beauty was characterised by the unique jewels she wore which confronted her personality and style.




Our passion for interior design is our attitude towards the positive way of life, especially during these hard times our world is facing.


Creativity is a power that helps bring to life each artist’s imagination while completing the needs and wants of each client.


The strong research behind the  innovative creation of each room is the cause of success that maximizes a space’s opportunities and possibilities. With the help of a talented team of expert individuals a blank space is transformed into a beautiful, practical and comfortable place that reflects the client's personality.


Difficult spaces are renovated, becoming luxurious, elegant and comfortable accommodations, while the correct combination of colours and the selection of furniture is what enhances a person’s positive attitude. Natural materials are also used to bring to each household nature’s positive energy.


A diverse combination of classical, modern or more intellectual styled spaces, with a sustainable and ethical identity that compose a rich palette of colours, a range of unique designs that emerge balance, calmness and opulent warmth.




With colours inspired by the natural beauty of Greece and the rest of the world, the semi-precious stones end up accessorising the necks of the most charming, modern women who seek ... exclusivity! Every piece of  theFANNY S  jewellery collection is unique, handmade for every female client, inspired by her particular style and personality and created after close consultation with her.


Selected with inspiration and vision, from every corner of the world, our natural, semi-precious materials are equipped with the positive energy of nature and treated with the artist's, Fanny Karavassili- Sarantopoulos, inspiration, imagination, and influence by her architectural origins. The designs are varied and interactive, as they can be worn in different ways, depending on the occasion.

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