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FANNY S jewellery collections  vary in material and design while always maintaining a delicate line and brand features. However, we love a challenge and we happily respond to  seasonal capsule collections. All our jewellery are made, even in its smallest detail, completely by hand by expert  craftsmen, using the best stones and techniques in fine jewellery.

Update your home interior, organizing it and make the best out of your space whilst staying in and staying safe. We’ve got ideas and top tips from for all rooms so you revive your home vibe and wellbeing.


I am very happy to announce that we are ready for a new plan, full of inspiration.

The last year has been full of captured power and passion through a huge creative time and we have enhanced our brand with new interests.


Fanny S lifestyle brand represents a lifelong passion. A passion that reflects FANNY S designing personality and being expressed in her name collection.

She launched it in 2012 in Athens, following her freelance career with a jewellery collection while she has been a long life consultant for interior designers on private client houses with the help of a great team.


We developed the idea further during the pandemic and brought home beauty through decorative items. Our aim is to recommend how to create a harmonious, balanced, healthy and therefore fully supportive space.

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